About Us

Who is Brandon Swan?

Brandon Swan has been involved in health and fitness for as long as he can remember. His passion and purpose in life is to bring healthier living and a positive outlook to the lives of as many people as possible. He strives to be the best version of himself possible, so that he can better serve those around him. To Brandon, this is exactly what SwanStrong is all about.

Brandon is a competitive athlete, having competed in 3 x World CrossFit Games and 8 x CrossFit Regionals in Australia. He has balanced competing with coaching and improving the lives of hundreds of individuals for the better part of the last decade. Brandon is also a family man, and when he is not training or coaching, you can find him at home with his wife Kelly and their rescue pets.

Who is Chris Partridge?

Chris (Parto) is the person responsible for taking Brandon’s idea and making it a reality.  He’s been doing fitness for around 6 years – and it shows.  He hates running, loves squatting and drinks way too much Golfer Aid.

He leaves all Instagram posting to Brandon, because he knows his place.  He’ll most likely be the person you chat to if you have any questions about your membership.

Look out for him in the back of workout videos hunched over gasping for air.